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"Unlocking Tranquility: Exploring the Healing Powers of Young Living's Feeling Kit Essential Oils"

I love rituals and I think they are important to keep us centred and inspired. One of my favourite ritual is to apply all the below six oil blends daily one by one for a duration of 30 days. The oils in the feeling kit are powerful on its own, however if all six oils are applied together they can work wonders and amazing shifts can happen within the 30 days.

All the oils can also be diffused on its own.

VALOR is a blend of black spruce, camphor, blue tansy and frankincense and geranium

Valor is empowering and grounding blend which balances the energies in the body. The positive aroma also inspires confidence and courage.

Apply on bottom of feet and ear rims 

HARMONY is a blend of 12 different essential oils, including Hyssop, lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium

Promotes physical and emotional wellbeing by balancing your energy centres in the body and reducing stress.

Apply two to three drops over your adrenals

FORGIVENESS is a blend of 15 essential oils, such as sandalwood, lavender, melissa, rose and others.

The high frequency of the blend helps to release negative memories to facilitate forgiveness and letting go! 

Apply one to two drops clockwise around navel 

RELEASE is a blend of ylang ylang, lavandin, geranium, sandalwood, blue tansy 

The relaxing aroma of this blend helps you to facilitate the release of anger and frustration. It promotes harmony and balance.

Apply one or two drops over the liver 

PRESENT TIME is a blend of neroli, black spruce and ylang ylang and sweet almond oil

The empowering aroma creates a feeling of being in the present.  

Apply one drop above the thymus in a clock wise motion 

INNER CHILD is a blend of orange, tangerine, jasmine, ylang ylang, spruce, sandalwood and neroli 

The spiritual aroma of the above essential oils are formulated to encourage you to reconnect with your inner self and discover who you are and your real identity, tapping into the playfulness and innocence of your small child.

Apply one drop over the heart 

Happy Oiling and I love to hear your experience with the oils!


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