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Before I was with Claudia for the Indigo QBF session, I had skin sensitivities triggered by pre menopause. Besides that, there has been some emotional issues which subconsciously aggrevated the resistance in my body. After a Quantum biofeedback package with Claudia, I saw tremendous improvements on my skin problems and I am also aware of nutritional deficiencies in my body. Overall, I highly recommend the quantum biofeedback sessions to anyone who wants to have a better understanding and remedy to adjust their energy levels, which will also help in the overall healing and well being. 
~ Teresa Low  

Feeling completely exhausted I decided to go for the Indigo. Surprisingly it really worked. At the end of the session I felt much lighter, more relax and joyful.  There was a sense that the body & mind had been realigned and is ready to go into action...
~ Chen

I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know how the Quantum Biofeedback works, but Claudia created a safe space for me to just relax and let the device and herself do the work. Just after the first session, Hives that I’ve been having for months disappeared and I am glad the device picked up my high stress levels because I was definitely unaware of that. I am looking forward to my next session.
~Sheena Ling

Claudia and her Indigo device helped me quite a lot in that the system is really amazing. It has the ability to scan the body and locate the “problem areas” that normally I would not have been able to detect. The system has also, among other amazing abilities, to go back into my past life, and help to release the root of along-standing negative pattern. Through her, and the indigo, I have understood more about myself, and the sessions also have helped me to identify and release negative patterns and to bring about a more positive change in myself.
~Sherry Tang

The Indigo Quantum Biofeedback is indeed a very gentle and non-invasive therapy. I am amazed by some of the information captured at the cellular level and have definitely notice a better general well-being every time after the session. Claudia has also kept the sessions very open and safe from me to allow my physical and emotional self to heal.
~ Tan Kai Hiang

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