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Discovering Nature's Marvels at MacRitchie Reservoir: A Couple's Journey

You will love MacRitchie Reservoir because it feels more like on an oversea holiday then in Singapore. Join us on a journey through the lush landscapes. The Central Catchment Nature Reserve is nestled around the serene MacRitchie Reservoir. Spanning a vast area of over 2,000 hectares, the reserve offers a 20km network of trails and boardwalks, inviting nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its beauty.


Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll or an invigorating hike, the MacRitchie trails cater to people of all ages and fitness levels. To plan your route, consult the park map (PDF, 566.53KB), which details every path through this natural haven.


Starting Points at MacRitchie Reservoir Park:


Route 1 (Prunus Trail): A gentle 3km journey, this route guides you along the scenic Prunus and Petai boardwalks.


Route 2: Spanning 4.8km, this easy trail hugs the reservoir's edge, leading you over the Chemperai and Jering boardwalks before circling back via the Lornie Trail.


Route 3: A more challenging path stretching 10.3km, this route introduces you to the aerial vistas of the TreeTop Walk, eventually looping back to your starting point.


Route 4: Covering 11km, this moderate trek takes you around the entirety of the nature reserve, offering an alternative view by passing the Jelutong Tower.


Route 5: For the daring, this 9.5km trail begins like Route 3 but veers off onto Sime Track, leading towards Rifle Range Road instead of returning to the start.


Venturing Beyond:


Route 6 (TreeTop Walk): This 7km trail, ranging from moderate to difficult, offers another way to experience the TreeTop Walk. Beginning at Windsor Nature Park, it promises an invigorating loop filled with breathtaking treetop views.

As a couple, our recent adventure at Singapore's historic MacRitchie Reservoir offered an enchanting escape from the urban sprawl. This reservoir was built thanks to the foresight of James MacRitchie and not only quenches the city's thirst but also preserves a slice of primeval forest that beckons explorers with its myriad wonders.


Giant Pandan?

Our journey began with the anticipation of what lay ahead, our hearts set on the famed boardwalks that skirt the reservoir’s edge. As we delved into the secondary forest of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, every step seemed to unwrap a layer of the land's rich tapestry. The interpretative signboards dotting the boardwalks made it easy to embark on a self-guided tour.

Clear signs everywhere to make your trail safe and easy.

The true magic began when we encountered the vibrant residents, playful monkeys swung from the treetops, their mischievous antics bringing smiles to our faces. In the serene waters, otters glided gracefully through the water. Below the surface, stingrays and a myriad of fishes danced in the water, visible from the vantage point of the boardwalk.

An Otter caught a fish for meal

As we meandered through the trails, we found solace in the small comforts thoughtfully placed along the way. The ranger hut, a beacon of hospitality, offered a much-needed water refill station before we embarked on the ascent to the treetop walk. This simple gesture was a reminder of the delicate balance between human presence and nature’s endurance.

The crown jewel of our adventure was undoubtedly the HSBC TreeTop Walk. Suspended 25 meters above the forest floor, this aerial bridge was not just a pathway but a gateway to a different realm. The panoramic view of Upper Pierce Reservoir and the surrounding rainforest was a spectacle that words can scarcely capture. It was here, amidst the whispers of the ancient forest and the endless sky, that we felt an unspoken bond with the world around us.

As we followed the trails, each turn revealed a new panorama, a fresh perspective of this timeless landscape. The 3.2 km and 4.8 km routes, with their storied past as cross-country running tracks, reminded us of the generations that had trodden these paths before us.

A quiet place with jade green water

Our adventure at MacRitchie Reservoir was more than just a walk; it was a journey serve as a reminder that amidst the rush of life, there are enclaves of peace and beauty waiting to be discovered. And for part of our five senses healing belief, MacRitchie Reservoir has ticked all our boxes in the checklist to promote self healing.

If you want to learn more about five senses healing, visit our website for more information.


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